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Parents play a crucial role in the Early Years development of their child and positive involvement from parents can make a lasting impact on a child’s learning experience. Some of a child’s most important developments take place during the preschool years. By playing an active role in early childhood education, parents can help ensure that their child is receiving

Providing choices for children is a fundamental aspect of high-quality early childhood education. The importance of allowing children to lead their learning experiences is becoming a popular subject of discussion. Particularly so in the Early Years and this approach to learning is child-focused, rather than teacher-centered. This methodology is referred to as autonomy. Autonomy in relation to early childhood

Past generations of children benefited from extended amounts of time outdoors and as adults, we recognize that these experiences helped shaped many aspects of our lives. Recently, we have seen a shift in children’s use and access to the outdoors. A growing interest in media equipment, such as tablets, televisions and video games has significantly contributed to the rise