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Spring Fields British Preschool plays a critical role in the moral education of children. During the preschool years, children are developing their sense of self and their understanding of the world around them. They are learning to understand and navigate social interactions, as well as developing their own sense of right and wrong. Preschool teachers and caregivers can help first three years of life are a time of incredible growth and change. In fact, 80% of a child's brain develops by the age of three. Early childhood stage is really important to learn the process by which children learn to interact with others and emotional development refers to the process by which children learn to manage their

Health and wellbeing is playing vital role in children’s life so for this purpose spring fields’ nursery is applying different strategies to maintain health and wellbeing. Healthy habits (any act that is repeated frequently become habit) are key for health and wellbeing so, we will discuss some healthy habits and personal care routine of spring fields’ nursery below! Healthy food Spring

Toddlers absolutely delight in exploring their world through their senses. Sensory play - play that stimulates any of a child’s senses - builds cognitive skills and influences how your child learns about their world. In essence, sensory play includes play that engages any of your child’s senses. This includes touch, smell, sight, sound and taste. But it also covers movement,

Social Interaction with Peers: Social interaction is the main advantage of the best preschool for toddlers to interact with other peers. Spring Fields Nursery allows your child to develop social skills by giving chance to each child explore and feel safe and happy in the nursery. Also, we are trying to improve the independent skill of each child to let

When children have the opportunity to play at length, and be involved with others in investigating possibilities and developing hypotheses, they try things out. They have little fear of failure, and through on-going and recurring experiences, they secure brain synapses that form the framework of their learned knowledge. Over time, their competence increases, and with this they develop confidence in

Reading allows us to be transported from our own world to another. Between the pages of a book, we can become immersed in the lives of fictional characters and learn about a culture entirely different from our own. Reading promotes brain development and imagination, develops language and emotions, and strengthens relationship. Reading helps children get to know sounds, words, language

Community helpers are an important topic for preschool social development. Spring fields Nursery introduce the children with many grown-ups who work on the slogan that life better for others. Purpose of this topic is to introduce the different profession of life and activities are not possible without community helpers a human is always depends for his needs on other

Cooking is such a fun way to learn as well as a time to bond with your child. At spring fields nursery in Abu Dhabi we offer weekly cooking classes for the children. It’s not just about the experience with the food but everything that surrounds it that encapsulates the whole process. It might get a little messy but

Health and wellbeing is an integral part of children’s emotional, mental social, environmental and spiritual health. Preschool years are the forming years in which we should promote good nutrition and physical activities. Children at the age of 3 – 5 years are more likely to embrace and adopt healthy living messages than when they reach school years. Parents act