Top Tips on Selecting a Preschool for your Child | Best Nursery in Abu Dhabi

Best Nursery in Abu Dhabi

Top Tips on Selecting a Preschool for your Child | Best Nursery in Abu Dhabi

Spring Fields Nursery is the best nursery in Abu Dhabi if you are looking for the best nursery/preschool for your child in Abu Dhabi. There are so many childcare options available in Abu Dhabi, the decision can be a difficult one to take. There are many so many factors to consider when making this decision and the key to selecting the best pre-schools in Abu Dhabi varies from parent to parent.

Top 4 tips for helping parents To Select The Best Nursery for their child:

Ask yourself the basic questions

  • Is the preschool at a convenient location: Is it close to home or work?
  • If it’s not nearby, will your schedule allow you to easily drop off and pick up your child? If not, does the school provide a transport facility and is this a feasible option for your pocket?
  • both parents are working, does the preschool provide extra childcare services in the afternoons to accommodate a longer working schedule?

If you have answered yes to the above, it is now time to consider the next tip.


After answering the first few basic questions, you now need to think about which curriculum you want for your child during their Early Years. There are several options available and some of the most common ones include: The Montessori Approach, the Reggio Emilia Approach, the British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and the American System.

We highly recommend parents opt for the British EYFS curriculum because it is a child-centred curriculum and has been composed with children’s developmental milestones kept in mind. It is not at all a predesigned curriculum and the children are taught in a way that suits them best every child is seen as a unique individual learning at his/her own pace.

Ask the local community

After deciding the location of the school and the curriculum, the next step is to conduct research. Look for the recommendations of various preschools from parents, friends, family members and the wider community. Social media is a wonderful portal for something like this.

Seek answers to specific questions which are meaningful. What is the staff-to-children ratio? Are the teachers qualified and cooperative? Is the school environment suitable and age-appropriate for the early years?

While bright, colourful walls can make a good first impression, it’s the questions above that truly determine the quality of a nursery and preschool. Collect as much information as possible.

Visit the Preschool

After gathering and confirming all the information above, the most important time has come, which is visiting the preschool to have a first-hand experience of the community and the environment.

Our biggest tip here is to always trust your instincts. Observe the little things like:

  • Is the environment welcoming?
  • Are the classrooms resourceful?
  • Do the children look happy and comfortable in the nursery?
  • Do the staff and teachers answer your questions happily? Is the nursery safe, clean and healthy?

Having said the above, it is so, so important for us to point out that there is simply no definition of a perfect preschool. As parents, all we can truly do is select one that nurtures and cares for our children as they go through these very first years of learning.

We highly recommend you visit us at Spring Fields Nursery. Because we are conveniently located in the city of Abu Dhabi and we truly are one of a kind. After visiting our preschool, you can proudly say that Spring Fields Nursery is the best Nursery School in Abu Dhabi. There are many more fields where we are giving our best services like Daycare, Kids Care, Play School Kids care etc.

We offer a high-value British Early Years Foundation Stage Programme that is supported and implemented by our qualified and caring team of educators.

The nursery has a spacious indoor and outdoor playground and runs all year round. We provide the Best nursery in the heart of the city of Abu Dhabi.

We are Spring Fields – An exciting and inspiring step before big school!