Why reading is important for pre-schoolers

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Why reading is important for pre-schoolers

Pre-school summer camp activityReading allows us to be transported from our own world to another. Between the pages of a book, we can become immersed in the lives of fictional characters and learn about a culture entirely different from our own. Reading promotes brain development and imagination, develops language and emotions, and strengthens relationship. Reading helps children get to know sounds,
words, language and develop early literacy skills.

Vocabulary Building:

Reading is enhancing the vocabulary a good practice to boost your child’s memory is by reading a book. Child can remember the situation, background, imagination and their favourite characters.

Jolly Phonics:

Pre-school summer camp activityYounger readers can improve their reading comprehension and learn to decipher new words as they read thanks to phonics. As they read, they are able to quickly comprehend the overall meaning of words since the action becomes so automatic with experience.

Nursery Rhymes:

Children can experience a language’s rhythm through rhymes. They learn to talk with expression, confidence, and gestures as they recite nursery rhymes. Rhymes are useful in capturing children’s attention, which is crucial to maintaining their happiness and joy.

Cognition Development:

Pre-school summer camp activityIn terms of our intelligence, reasoning, language development, and information processing, cognitive development describes how we see and understand the world. The cognitive growth is aided by the application of this newly learned background information to interpret what they see, hear and read.

Fostering Empathy:

When we read a book, we immerse ourselves in the narrative. As a result of experiencing other characters, experiences and being able to relate their emotions, this enables us to build empathy. Children can then apply this knowledge of emotions, which aid them in comprehending them both their own feelings as well as those of others. Their social development is greatly aided by

Acquiring deeper understanding:

Pre-school summer camp activityA book has the power to transport us anywhere, including to a new country, city, even universe. A child can learn things about people, places, and events through stories. Children gain a broader grasp of the world and the cultures that are different from their own result of this.

Fostering greater connections:

Regular reading time between a parent children or teacher and children certainly strengthen the bond between them. Reading gives parents and teachers chance to create a routine and shared the activities that both can look forward to. Additionally, it gives the attention, love, and reassurance they need to feel nurtured and secure. Spring fields nursery priority is to focus on the each child communication skill that they can easily express their feelings. Through following the daily schedule of reading, singing nursery
rhymes and sharing stories spring fields provide the children to learn new things on daily basis.