The importance of celebrating the different events for the children

importance of celebrating festivals in preschool

The importance of celebrating the different events for the children

Celebrating different events is important for children because it helps them to develop social, emotional, and cognitive skills, as well as foster a sense of community and belonging. Festivals and different events are one of the best practices for children to let them understand the world and the different cultures and the value in this world. The children can learn many exciting and new things from others by creating bonds or connections.

For the early-year learners

For the early years learner, celebrating a festival will help them to develop the bond between them and their society and all the world also that’s why it’s necessary to introduce and celebrate the events for the children to let them understand, explore, learn and enjoy more with understanding and celebrating different events in their setting.

  • Spring Fields Nursery always makes sure to celebrate and introduce national and international events as we have learned through play. Also, it’s very important to have learned through celebration. Our nursery encourages families and providers to help children understand the importance of attending and participating in the events.  
  • Celebrations are ideal for encouraging children to look for and talk about kindness in others and we need to reflect and recreate the magic of growing up in innocent times by strengthening their imaginations. Let’s share our cultural and local foods and celebrate the big and small of every festival.
  • Celebrate one another’s achievements. This could be done for example (birthdays, mothers, fathers, world book day, international day, new year, breast cancer awareness, national day, Ramadan ……)
  • An imaginative approach to helping children experience festivals and celebrations can support their learning in many areas. By explaining to others how they celebrate a festival or take part in celebrations, a child’s self-confidence and self-esteem are developed, and children’s awareness and respect for others’ beliefs are nurtured.
  • A sense of the passing of time in relation to festival seasons can be developed, and children can use all of their own different festival food, dress up, and art.
  • Key reasons to celebrate different events in Preschools

  • Building social skills: Celebrating events like birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions helps children to build social skills by interacting with others and learning how to communicate effectively. They can practice important social skills like sharing, taking turns, and being respectful towards others.
  • Emotional development: Celebrating events can also help children to develop emotionally. They may feel excited, happy, or even nervous or anxious about an upcoming event, but learning to manage these emotions can help them build resilience and emotional intelligence.
  • Building memories: Celebrating events can create lasting memories for children. These memories can be a source of comfort and joy throughout their lives.
  • Cultural awareness: Celebrating different events from different cultures helps children learn about diversity and other cultures. It can help them to develop a greater appreciation for differences and build empathy towards others.
  • Community building: Celebrating events with friends and family can help children feel like they are part of a larger community. This can foster a sense of belonging and provide a support system for them as they grow up.