Best Preschool | Winter Camp In Abu Dhabi 2023

Spring Fields winter camp in Abu Dhabi

Best Preschool | Winter Camp In Abu Dhabi 2023

Winter is the favourite season in UAE for children and parents as well. Are you thinking about sending your child to winter camp? Spring Fields British Nursery Winter Camps in Abu Dhabi is providing children with a ton of different activities, experiences, and knowledge in a safe and supervised environment, your child will learn to define themselves as the special individuals they are. Here we have some activities for winter camp and their importance in child development.

Playground Camping 

Camping help the child to spend more time in nature and spring fields provides a chance for a child to learn basic survival skills and teach respect for nature. Your child can enjoy the playground camping during winter camp.

Winter Sports Festival

Spring Fields provide your child to participate in the winter sports festival playing outdoors in winter promotes physical development and well-being. Children will enjoy swing, slide, run, jump, cycling and much more in the sports festival.

Science Experiments

Children will enjoy the different science experiments in winter camp. Science experiments help the child to develop his own understanding of the natural world, nurture your child’s natural sense of adventure and curiosity, encourage children to be persistent problem solvers and introduction of basic elements of scientific reasoning.

Cookery Class

SFN going to organize a cookery class in winter camp. Cookery class is the favourite of all pre-schoolers and it’s helpful for language development, enhancement of motor skills to cook different dishes, cooking also involves a great deal of measurement, cooking involves a great deal of science kids learn what happens when different ingredients are mixed together as what happens when the measurements are Incorrect. Cooking is a skill that is improving a child’s life skills and also promoting healthy eating food.

Art and Craft

Spring fields provide your child with a chance to enjoy the art and craft segment in winter camp on daily basis. Art and craft are enhancing fine motor skills, hand and eye coordination, and identification of shapes, colours and textures art and craft also gives a sense of achievement to preschoolers and allow them to take pride in their work which builds confidence in kids.

Cosplay Party

in SFN winter camp through pretend play, children will learn about themselves and the world. Dramatic play experiences are some of the first ways children learn about their likes and dislikes, their interests, and their abilities. They will experiment with role-playing and work to make sense of what they’ve observed.

New Year’s Treat

At the end of the SFN winter camp, we will celebrate a winter party. Celebrations can provide an opportunity for children to develop respect for diverse values and beliefs as they learn about practices which are different to their own. Children belong first to a family, a cultural group, a neighbourhood and a wider community.

Love the experience and cherish the memories @springfieldsnursery