Science in the Early Years

Science in the Early Years - Spring Fields Best Nursery in Abu Dhabi

Science in the Early Years

Our Team at Spring Fields Nursery in Abu Dhabi provide opportunity for our preschoolers to explore and experiment in a vast array of science activities. Science is a subject that fascinates us all, especially our young explorers. Children, by nature, are inquisitive and full of awe and wonder about the world around them. Our Teachers at Spring Fields Nursery take advantage of this essential curiosity and start channeling children’s enthusiasm for scientific discovery as early on as possible. In this blog, 

Science is so important in the early years for a number or reasons. It fosters a lifelong love of science. Children, even babies, are programmed to explore and experiment. By harnessing their natural curiosity, we can nurture and establish a positive approach to science education that will stay with them as they grow. It supports the development of life skills. These include problem solving skills, communication skills, collaborative skills, team working and critical thinking skills. These skills help children generate ideas, make decisions and use evidences to formulate their understanding. 

By encouraging and tapping into children’s natural curiosity, our teachers at Spring Fields Nursery in Abu Dhabi help children begin to make sense of the world around them, while gaining an understanding of how things work.

While organizing specific activities and experiment is important, it is just as important to look out for spontaneous opportunities for scientific discovery. We at Spring Fields Nursery in Abu Dhabi encourage children to always experiment, ask questions and allow them to share their feedback!