Best Preschool for Toddlers in Abu Dhabi

Best pre-school for toddlers

Best Preschool for Toddlers in Abu Dhabi

Social Interaction with Peers:

Social interaction is the main advantage of the best preschool for toddlers to interact with other peers. Spring Fields Nursery allows your child to develop social skills by giving chance to each child explore and feel safe and happy in the nursery. Also, we are trying to improve the independent skill of each child to let our children express their feeling also to find the key person easily.  

Physical Development:

The toddler’s ability to control their own movements, handle items, and improve their hand-to-mouth coordination is the primary focus of physical milestones. Before the age of one, children grow rapidly; hence milestones are measured in months in years 1 to 2 years with the help of preschool caregivers toddlers are able to walk backwards, move and sway to the music, walk up and down independently, scribble with crayons, painting by moving their entire arm, picking things up, collecting and sorting toys, tie their shoes.

Spring fields Nursery have two amazing outdoor areas the help children learn, explore and improve physical skills. 

Cognitive Development:

Every child has different mental abilities the preschool is playing a vital role to prepare your child emotionally strong. Children can develop emotionally in many different ways, two of which are sharing and feeling. These two attitudes develop in preschool. Children are taught how to express themselves and cope with their feelings.

Growing up requires this kind of development as a crucial component. Preschool enables your child to develop emotionally, which is one of its advantages. During cognition development, from stage one to a two-year children can identify objects that are similar and different, understand and respond to words, they can explain the difference between ‘me and you’, and imitate, can recognize the familiar picture and people as well. In general, young toddlers continually pick up new skills through exploration and imitation.