The Importance of The Physical Activities for Children | Play School in Abudhabi

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The Importance of The Physical Activities for Children | Play School in Abudhabi

Children from 1 to 4 have a very high ability to develop and improve their skills. Physical activities are considered one of the most important methods to improve the abilities of our children.

That’s why physical activities become part of our daily childcare Regine. It’s an undisputed fact that physical activities help to observe and create the right plan for the child’s needs. 

In our spring fields nursery, we provide the physical activities as appropriate age group and children need 

Ideas of physical activities we are doing in our setting:

  • We are providing the children with a variety of activities in order to develop their fine motor skills for example playdough and threading (pasta-beads-button……)
  • For gross motor skills, our children enjoy obstacle courses, running, kicking the ball, and hoping 
  • We believe that art is so important for the child to develop their imagination and creativity and help them to express their emotions for example (free painting, mixing painting colors, and decorating).

Play School in Abu Dhabi

What makes us best Play School in Abudhabi.?

We have a very big outdoor area that helps to improve child physical skills and provides more activities to reach the child’s development target.

Movement at a moderate to vigorous intensity is linked to even greater health benefits and this can be incorporated by playing outdoor games and learning new physical activities.

Physical activities also can help with symptoms of anxiety in age 1 up to 4 years as well as helps in tackling challenging behaviors. Kids who are active during the day generally have a good attitude towards life and are better sleepers.

It also has many benefits for brain function as well as promoting healthy growth and good body weight so physical activities can play an important role in developing the brain and supporting essential mental function.