Health and wellbeing

Health and wellbeing

Health and wellbeing is playing vital role in children’s life so for this purpose spring fields’ nursery is applying different strategies to maintain health and wellbeing. Healthy habits (any act that is repeated frequently become habit) are key for health and wellbeing so, we will discuss some healthy habits and personal care routine of spring fields’ nursery below!

Healthy food

Spring fields’ nursery is providing healthy food details chart with parents for children lunch box. Health eating is necessary for children’s for their physical, mental and social development. For making healthy eating more interesting spring fields nursery providing weekly cookery class for each age group.

Personal hygiene/ healthy routine 

Spring field’s focusing on each child personal hygiene and healthy routine. We always remind our children about personal hygiene by circle time we start to ask the children, Did you brush your teeth? What we should to do before eatiour ng yummy breakfast? After that we start to connect the rhyme with the action (this is the way I wash my hands) while the children washing their hands.

Sensory play and brain Development

Social Wellness (Sharing with friends)

Spring fields nursery focus is on find a balance between personal and social wellness because for mental wellness we need to share our healthy time with friends early childhood is very important stage to develop habits for sharing is caring for example spring fields is organizing different events when children can bring healthy food or presence for sharing with friends.

Also we invite Coaches and child consultants during parents’ morning coffee and parents meetings. We invited Coach Zainab she shared with the parents some strategies and steps about (How to prepare your little ones for Nursery transition)