Development of Communication Skills in Preschool

Development of Communication Skills in Preschool in Abu dhabi

Development of Communication Skills in Preschool

Preschool is the best place for your child to build communication skills. In fact, by educating and strengthening children’s communication skills at the beginning of life, we can help the child to be effective in the community and to establish social relationships in the future.
We at The Spring Field British Nursery in Abu Dhabi are skilled practitioners who are able to provide a nurturing environment to support children’s language and communication development. Our teachers are supporting the children with their learning and development skills in a variety of ways. Some of the strategies we will discuss in this blog.

Morning Greetings

At spring fields nursery, teachers are organizing catchy morning greetings, during morning greetings teachers are asking about their feelings, and talk about the child’s daily routine, and favourable weather, this type of conversation is boosting their confidence. The child will more likely be able to express their desires correctly and morning greeting is also helpful for their vocabulary building.

Reading Books

At Spring fields are mainly focusing on increasing vocabulary on a daily basis so our teachers are organizing the story of the week and they are dedicating 45 minutes to reading stories. In reading time listening is involved, it helps children to build vocabulary and relate and communicate in their daily lives. Reading books helps preschoolers in many ways.

Singing Rhymes

Rhymes have based on both means of communication verbal and non-verbal communication. Teachers are singing rhymes with actions and facial expressions, rhyme is the best way to memorise the lyrics spring fields interaction time is based on singing the weather, weekdays, and month’s names in song and children can easily get the knowledge of important things and its helpful for their communication.

Open Ended Question

Spring fields nursery is more focused on open-ended questions that the child can think about and share his/her point of view. Open-ended questions are based on whom, why, when, and how these questions help your child to prolong the answer and it helps them for good communication. Open-ended questions are enhancing our inner perspective and allow us to have better and open reaction patterns.

Guess Word Games

Communication development is one vital aspect of child growth. At spring fields teachers are paying keen attention to observing these communication milestones through guessing word games. Teachers are organizing guessing word games with children to build their vocabulary and motivate them by giving clues to guess correctly.

Role Play

Pretend play can really be helpful, being sad, happy, angry, shy etc. Role play is the best way to encourage a child’s language development by performing the different roles of different professions. At spring fields we specify the role play place separately with resources so children can spend their time playing different characters freely.