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Classes & Age Groups

At Spring Fields, we accept children from 2 months up to 4 years. Age variation within any specific class is usually not more than 8 months between the youngest and oldest child in the classroom.

Our classrooms are uniquely designed and have selected areas that encourage learning dependent on the child’s age. Each area is well equipped with a wide selection of high-quality age-appropriate resources and toys. Children are free to explore and investigate these areas independently in a safe environment.

Our children are placed into their designated class by age and the classes are grouped as follows:

Infants : 0 -1 years old

Toddlers : 1 -2 years old

Nursery : 2 -3 years old

Foundation : 3 -4 years old


A warm, nurturing and homely environment that includes sleeping, feeding and age appropriate play areas. Our caring baby room practitioners are dedicated to providing a safe and loving environment, just like home!


Our Toddler classroom is a bright, spacious and stimulating learning environment. It has a variety of activities and resources to keep our young, curious toddlers engaged and happy


Our Nursery classes are designed to promote our children’s creativity and independence. The classrooms are equipped with all the necessary areas of learning, as we encourage them to explore and investigate for themselves.


Our Foundation classes offer a structured and stimulating learning environment. The classes are designed to ensure that every child reaches their full potential, as we prepare them for the primary school journey ahead.