EYFS Mental Health Week & Activities

EYFS Mental Health week and Activities in Abu Dhabi

EYFS Mental Health Week & Activities

Spring Fields British Nursery celebrated EYFS mental health week, which will significantly impact on children’s development, academic performance, and relationships. That’s why it’s important to promote mental health and well-being in children from an early age.

Mental health refers to a person’s emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It is a crucial aspect of overall health that affects how individuals think, feel, and behave in their daily lives. Good mental health helps individuals to handle stress, work productively, and build positive relationships with others.

Here are a few activities which we are organizing in the Spring Fields for our preschoolers:

Art activities

Spring field teachers are organizing creative arts activities on daily basis. Art is a great way to encourage children to express their feelings and emotions.

Yoga and mindfulness exercises

Springfield’s schedule is starting with morning exercise and yoga. These activities are helping children to develop physical strength, balance and focus, and also help to reduce stress and anxiety.


Our activities are based on learning through play. Playing with peers and participating in games is helpful for children to build social skills and self-esteem.

Music and movement

Spring field morning greetings are also filled with music and moment to feel relaxed and cheerful for preschoolers. Music and movement activities are a fun and creative way to help children to express themselves and build confidence.

Outdoor activities

Spring fields have a big outdoor area where the children are spending their free play time under the supervision of educators. Spending time in nature is helping children to develop a love of the environment and also provides an opportunity to engage in physical activity.

Spring Field British Nursery Abu Dhabi is providing a positive learning environment where children can develop the skills and habits that will support their mental health and well-being for the rest of their lives.