Messy Play is Very Important For a Child’s Development | Playschool In Abu Dhabi

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Messy Play is Very Important For a Child’s Development | Playschool In Abu Dhabi

As parents, we hate when our children make a mess, little do we know that mess is our Child’s way of exploring and developing. I know it’s hard to believe splats of paint, mud or goo everywhere are somehow going to enhance a child’s development but oh how it does. At Spring Fields Nursery in Abu Dhabi, we encourage messy play all the time!

Here is why:


Messy play is very important for a child’s development from when they are only babies. Other than being loads of fun, it provides children with a new tactile and sensory experience that ignites their curiosity. Sensory/Messy play allows them to explore the world around them.

Baby’s only way to understand the world is through their senses by exploring how things feel, smell and taste. Visual cards full of colour, touching different textures and hearing different sounds are simple but effective ways in a baby’s development.

  • As they become more mobile, babies begin to be more confident in exploring their surroundings. 
  • As children grow their tendency to make a mess grows with them. At Spring Fields Nursery playschool in Abu Dhabi, we encourage children to indulge in the mess.
  • When children use their hands and fingers in exploring while in messy play, it promotes fine motor development such as finger dexterity, hand strength and shoulder strength.
  • Skills such as these are the building blocks for future handwriting skills. Children can develop many great pre-writing skills with a messy play through pouring, scooping, and grasping while perfecting eye-hand coordination skills. Using the senses of balance and body awareness enhances gross motor skills.

Messy Play Benefits

Messy play helps children to understand how things feel, such as textures and temperatures. They also learn about body awareness and personal boundaries or spacial awareness. This type of play also allows for a lot of open-ended questions which is great for developing language skills and encouraging speech.

Messy play is really the introduction of early STEM learning. Children are experiencing hands-on play and experimenting to learn about the different surroundings and elements they are exposed to. Supporting children’s ability to problem solve and think ‘what’s next?’ is another great benefit of Messy Play.

The list of benefits is endless, Spring Fields Nursery in Abu Dhabi urges you to embrace the mess and get messy.

Final Words

What makes Spring Fields Nursery one of the best Nurseries in Abu Dhabi is that we make every effort in helping children reach their highest potential. We do this by always asking children questions and giving them time to think and answer. Messy play gives us the opportunity to allow for such development, especially in enhancing their cognitive development.