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Importance Of Playtime | Nursery School In Abu Dhabi

“All of us have moments in our childhood where we come alive for the first time. And we go back to those moments and think, ‘This is when I became myself.”- Rita Dove


At Spring Fields Nursery, we pride ourselves in our preschool activities especially our playtime sessions with children. Playtime is an essential part of development for children at every age, especially toddlers.

Playtime is such an important part of your toddlers’ day, it may look like fun and games to you, but for toddlers, all that play is work. As your toddler goes through his busy day zooming around the house, whipping up a meal in his toy kitchen, or pouring water into a cup, he’s solving problems, boosting his language skills, learning about people, discovering scientific and math principles and sharpening his creativity and imagination!

  • When he’s sitting with his shape sorter, he’s figuring out sizes, shapes, and how to fit something into a container. If one thing doesn’t work, he will try to work it out.
  • When he’s having a tea party with his stuffed animals, he’s engaging in imaginative play and practising his turn-taking and sharing skills. Maybe he will feed Teddy too.
  • When he’s going up and down the slide, he’s discovering how his body works and building his coordination (it takes a lot of muscle power to get up that ladder!).
  • Push-and-pull toys can boost coordination and imagination. Puzzles are great problem-solving activities as well as for motor skills and language development.

You can increase your toddlers’ verbal skills by asking lots of questions as you play or simply making comments. Even if you don’t get a desired response, the language is being absorbed and you are providing them with exposure. These are some things our staff at Spring Fields Nursery do to help enhance the children’s vocabulary.

At Spring Fields Nursery Abu Dhabi our staff unleash your inner child and have fun with the kids. We suggest you do the same and join in crawling under the table through the chair or maze. Throw a blanket over the table and make a secret cave. Put the pieces of a puzzle together and share the sense of achievement and teamwork. Have funWe are the best Nursery School In Abu Dhabi.